The Challenge of My Life: Time Management

As a teacher, time management is a key piece to any class. Without it, lessons can stretch too far for a single class to contain or not enough is put into a class and time is wasted. When I consider what my greatest challenge will be when I’m running a class, I usually run into the fear of ineffective time management. Today in Jason’s class this was brought up as one of the things that supervisors will be looking for when the evaluate teachers. I feel even more worried about this since it is part of my evaluation. Here are a few specific things that I’m worried about

– Getting to caught up in a class conversation (about assigned reading) and failing to take time to assign homework

-Letting myself talk with students for too long before class starts and losing time at the beginning of class

-Not having enough activities planned for an entire class

-Budgeting just the right amount of time for each activity

The reason that I’m terrified of time management (specifically the planning part of it) is that I’m truly horrible at it right now. I only recently started using a monthly calendar and a daily planner and I can hardly bring myself to look at my planner everyday. At the beginning most semesters, I usually forget weekly homework because I just don’t have it in my brain to do. I think the only thing that has saved me every year at college is my work ethic but certainly not the way I approach my work.

So the moral of this blog is as follows: I’m very grateful that we’re learning to make lesson plans. My roommate has taken these block classes already and said that they were pointless. And to him, in response, I say, “bologna.” Being able to look at a few pieces of paper and know that I have not one but several days worth of lessons planned out already will be immensely relieving. Not only that but there are lesson plans already made up that we have been encouraged to use in designing our own. It’s like there are people out there already doing the planning for me! Huzzah! I think that with a lesson plan on paper to refer to (and maybe a stopwatch), I will be able to stay on task in class. Does anyone else think that time management will prove difficult when they become a teacher?

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